Historic Preservation Planning Alumni


To promote and support Cornell University's Historic Preservation Planning program, students and alumni. 


Historic Preservation Planning Alumni, Inc. (HPPA) was founded in 1985, although the idea of incorporation was presented in 1984 and a working group was formed during the National Preservation Conference that same year. The working group was charged with preparing a set of by-laws (amended in 1989), outlining a mission, developing a membership list, and identifying programs and services that would be supported by the group. The first meeting of the board was held in the spring of 1985. One of the original members of HPPA went on to found the Preservation Studies Student Organization (PSSO), our companion non-profit organization for current Historic Preservation Planning students. Our main source of funding comes from the annual map sale facilitated by Historic Urban Plans.

The Board is guided by three objectives:

  1. Program Support: HPPA will promote and support the Historic Preservation Planning program at Cornell University and its participants;

  2. Member Support: HPPA will facilitate contact between members, inform members of preservation topics, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information concerning the program, the field and current issues;

  3. Community Education and Support for the Profession: HPPA will advance the knowledge of members and the community at large regarding preservation issues, activities and developments in the field.

Today, the Board fulfills these objectives in many ways, including but not limited to, providing funds to students for travel to conferences and class trips, organizing and hosting the Cornell Alumni Reception at the National Preservation Conference, producing and distributing newsletters, providing career advice to students and alumni, addressing issues related to professional practice through lectures at Cornell, and providing membership assistance.

The Board is made up of alumni as well as one faculty and student representative. The two non-alumni members are non-voting participants; however, their presence on the Board is part of the overall objective that there be good and useful communication and coordination between the alumni, the students and the faculty. The Board represents many different areas of historic preservation practice, different lengths of experiences in the profession, and many different regions of country.

Lifetime Members

Kimberly Konrad AlvarezSusan Lassell
Bruce Barton Susan Lawson
Suzanna Barucco Jeffrey Levine
James Elliott Benjamin Elizabeth Meyer
David Bergstone Karen Holodak Nicholson
Elizabeth Blazevich  Richard Nicholson
Caroline Boyce Matthew O'Brien
Kristen Brennan Dana Peak
Richard Carlson Alphone Pieper
J. A. Chewning Lombard John Pozzi
Francis Creedon  Diana Prideaux-Brune
Barbara Ebert Trudi Sandmeier
James Glass Rebecca Shiffer
Jack Glassman Jeffrey Slack
Carol IngaldWilliam Stark
Beth Johnson Carl Stearns
Julee Johnson Andrea Tingey
Mary Joan (Simmons) Kevlin  William Tomashewski
Ashima Krishna-Jayant Michael Tomlan

Board of Directors

Jon Rusch, President

Grant Johnson, Vice President

Erin Frederickson, Secretary

Natalie Franz, Treasurer

Caitlin Benton 

Shannon Cilento

Mahyar Hadighi

Bryan McCracken

Ross Pristera

Andy Roblee

Krissy Sayre

Michael Tomlan, Faculty

Olivia Heckendorf, PSSO Rep.S

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